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Pneumatic precision planter MA/AG Precisa

Pneumatic precision planter MA/AG Precisa F, made in Italy


Quick coupling to the III point of the tractor
Transmission wheels mod. 5.00-15 traction
Chain transmission system on each element
Gear change with gears (16 distances available)
Vacuum Gauge
540 rpm suction
PVC seed hopper capacity 44 L
Rapid emptying side window
Adjustable spreader
Mechanical file release device
Distributor disk (interchangeable) for each element
Adjustable rear compression wheels 
Hydraulic disc marker

pneumatic type

coulter/double disc drilling

6 rows

1 090 kg weight

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Pneumatic precision planter MA/AG Precisa F, 6 rows with fertilizer box
  • type пневматична
  • drilling анкерно
  • rows 6
  • working width 390 см
  • transport width 390 см
  • inter-row distance 70 см
  • seed hopper volume 6 х 44 л
  • fertilizer hopper capacity 2 х 200 л
  • power required 95 - 115 к.с.
  • weight 1 090 кг