Manure spreaders

SIPMA Tornado

Technical specification and equipment

Model  RO 1200 TORNADO
Nominal load t 12
Capacity   m3 12
Spreading width m 10
Dose of spread material kg/s 5 - 60
Power demand kW (HP) 80 (108)
Number of spreading drums pcs. 4
Maximum transport speed km/h 25
Size of tires
400 / 70 R 22,5
PTO shaft  
brake system 1-wire  
brake system 2-wires  
hydraulic rear flap  
hydraulic control of floor  transporter  
lamps (electric installation)  
ladder and side wall steps  
adapter for lime and chicken manure  
   length mm 7100
   width mm  2300
   height mm  3100
Weight kg  4850

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